The Collectors Guide to Movie Poster Books

Books are a great way to learn about the fascinating world of movie poster collecting and represent an inexpensive way to enjoy hundreds of movie posters of your favourite films at home. However, not all books are created equal, so I have compiled a list of some of the best movie poster books ever published based on personal preference and other collectors recommendations.  All Poster Forum has an excellent thread devoted to movie poster books and is well worth a read with personal opinions covering some of the books in our guide.

The best place I have found for movie poster books is Amazon — with a collection of several hundred titles covering all genres and categories, you are sure to find one you will love. The books featured in our guide to movie poster books are some of the most highly rated books and the titles cover a wide range of different areas from the history of movie posters to personal collections of movie posters in pictures. These books are a must for any collector and serve as an illustrated guide to both new and established movie poster collectors.

Learn About Movie PostersA great starter book for any collector is Learn About Movie Posters by Ed & Susan Poole, although originally released in 2003 the subjects covered still remain relevant today. The authors are the owners of the online resource Learn About Movie Posters (LAMP) and very well respected within the poster collecting community. Learn About Movie Posters, answers the important questions collectors need to know about and is an essential guide to those thinking of starting a movie poster collection. The book has 448 pages and represents a complete guide covering areas such as the birth of the movie poster, different sizes and types of movie posters, how are posters produced and distributed, grading the conditions, how to buy and sell movie posters and how to care for your collection.

Investing in a book such as this is essential for those thinking of starting a movie poster collection. It is important to note that collecting movie posters is an expensive hobby and an investment in itself, therefore, it is essential to be fully informed. 

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