Best Movie Posters of the Decade Now That's What I Call A Poster! Series... 2010

NOW That's What I Call A Poster! Series...2010

The latest in our series of NOW That’s What I Call A Poster! highlighting the best posters of the decade, 2010.

In celebration of my personal appreciation of movie poster design, I have assembled my favourite movie posters that have been released since 2010. I have not included any Mondo or other fan created posters, only movie posters that have been released by the studios are accepted. I think these are the best movie posters of the decade and have demonstrated a different style or perspective than the normal poorly executed photoshop efforts to advertise a movie. They are clever, daring, unforgettable and sometimes just plain risqué, as in the case of Felt from 2015, however, as we have seen over the years a great poster does not always translate into a great movie.

What do you think is the best year of the decade for movie posters design? Do you have a favourite design or artist? Do you think we have missed a poster from a year or decade? Let us know in the comments.









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